5 tips for making great Italian food at home.

5 tips for making great Italian food at home.

5 tips for making great Italian food at home (as told by our Italian staff)

Italian cuisine is loved by food enthusiasts around the world. Many of the dishes are constructed with a small number of ingredients, yet the taste is beautifully complex and pleasing to the palate. Although many people consider Spaghetti Bolognese an easy dish to recreate in their own kitchen, there are things that can help to kick your Italian food up a notch. Here are 5 tips for making great Italian food at home;

1. Cook with passion

Italians pour love into their food, it requires time and dedication that only comes from putting your heart into your craft. The preparation is an integral part of coming together to enjoy the meal with family and friends, therefore it’s important not to see it as a chore, but to enjoy the process.

2. Use top quality produce

It should go without saying that quality is paramount when making great Italian food. Italians are known for using fresh, seasonal produce; which provides the best tasting food, so don’t skimp on the ingredients!

5 tips for making great italian food at home

Burrata Mozzarella.

3. Don’t be afraid

If you’ve stumbled across a recipe that you think sounds absolutely amazing but you’re afraid to attempt it yourself, don’t be! There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your time in the kitchen and creating something delicious. As the Italians say; “Brutto ma buono” in short: It’s not how it looks, it’s how it tastes.

4. Use the correct seasonings and herbs

Herbs and seasonings can make all the difference when making an Italian dish, but don’t go overboard. Italians are known for keeping ingredients to a minimum, using them to compliment one another rather than overpower. Salt is a very important ingredient; it can be used to season pasta water and draw liquid out vegetables.

5. Cook your pasta al dente

Pasta should be firm to the bite, not mushy. Ultimately, al dente pasta tastes great and is better for your blood sugar levels, great news for those who suffer from diabetes. It’s a small change, but it can make a large difference as al denta pasta better compliments whatever sauce you decide to use.

5 tips for making great Italian food at home


So there you have it, 5 tips that should help you make great Italian food at home. Thank you for reading, be sure to keep your eyes open for more tips and tricks from our Italian staff here at Del Villaggio.


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