Best Italian Restaurant – Why Birmingham Loves Del Villaggio

Best Italian Restaurant – Why Birmingham Loves Del Villaggio

If you’re a foodie looking for the best Italian restaurant in Birmingham, don’t ignore Del Villaggio. The homey yet sophisticated atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to the cities rich cultural background; as recognised by Bertolli’s Golden Olive and the Best of Broad Street’s Best Chef awards in 2012. Del Villaggio has continued to shine and was awarded The Best of Broad Street awards for Favourite Restaurant and Best Newcomer in 2015.

“Receiving awards in this field is a very important honour. I would love to say thanks to the awards academy and committee involved. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for recognising and appreciating our work.” – Del Villaggio Spokesperson

A glance at the menu shows the delicious Italian dishes we’ve all grown to know and love; Pizza, prepared in a stone bake oven, calzone and risotto, to name a few. There are also some slightly more unfamiliar dishes that are great if you’re looking to go on a little adventure deeper into Italian cuisine.

The desserts are just as decadent as the rest of the menu, with classics like Tiramisu , Profiteroles Bianco and Gelato, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and no menu is complete without a great selection of drinks. Cocktails and non-alcoholic “Mocktails” are a great addition to a night out with friends. Draught Peroni and bottle beers like Moretti add a nice touch, not to mention a great selection of red, white and rose wines.

“Faultless authentic Italian food, the waiters are attentive to your needs. Overall an excellent experience and would happily come back again.” – Trip Advisor Review

Del Villaggio recieved Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence in 2015

Del Villaggio, a family owned restaurant that prides itself on fresh premium ingredients, prepared in house by specialist chefs, has been welcomed with open arms. Birmingham continues to show it’s love for the restaurant with Best of Broad Street nominations in 2016 for Best Restaurant and Best Chef.

With custom menus for Valentines Day and other occasions, it’s definitely a restaurant to keep on your regulars list. Make Del Villaggio your next stop in your search for the Best Italian Restaurant, it won’t disappoint.

Open 11 til 11 Monday to Saturday (9.30pm on Sundays)


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