Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas – Del Villaggio

Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas – Del Villaggio

Last minute Valentines Day ideas – Keep Calm

Don’t panic! It’s the 13th of February, you thought you’d have enough time to get things together but if you’re reading this, I can only assume you haven’t (or you’re looking for something to make Valentines Day extra special this year). Whatever the case may be, keep calm and read on. Here are some last minute Valentines Day ideas that are sure to save your skin;

Cosy homemade dinner

Whether you see yourself as a total novice in the kitchen or Gordan Ramsay’s rival, you can put together a nice homemade meal for your other half. If you’re reading this, you have access to the internet and it’s one big lifeline for situations such as this. Find a recipe you either know or want to try and make it, simple as that. But make sure it’s something you’re comfortable trying to make, don’t go off the deep end and decide on a lobster, for example.

If you decide on Italian cuisine, we can give you a few tips of our own. The best part is, there’ll be no mad rush for the ingredients because supermarkets are open late on Saturdays! Plus, even if it tastes awful I’m sure your Valentine will be impressed that you made the effort (especially if you never cook).

Hopefully you’re breathing a little easier by now, but if the thought of cooking only made your panic worse, read on for more last minute Valentines Day ideas…

last minute valentines day ideas

Plan ahead

Obviously it’s a little late to plan ahead for Valentines Day itself, but here’s what we mean by that; Book some tickets for sometime in the future. You may not be able to spend Valentines Day there but you can give your Valentine the tickets on the day. The great thing about tickets is that they provide happiness and excitement long after you’ve given the gift – something to look forward to.

You know your Valentine best, so you decide what kind of tickets they should be; Cinema preview, theatre show, football game… The choice is yours!

Write a love letter

The art of handwriting is dying out, very few people put pen to paper nowadays, now that we have tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc. However, every year the city of Verona receives thousands of love letters addressed to Juliet… Giving your Valentine a handwritten love letter will be a gift they will swoon over. Not only is it unique, but it’s personal.

Get some good quality paper, you can try WHSmiths or Hobbycraft, and get writing. Remember to add the small personal things that your other half may think you’ve forgotten about. If you’re feeling fancy you can even sign it with wax like they did in the olden days (for added Shakespearean flare).

last minute valentines day ideas

Romantic drive/walk

Sundays are laid back and relaxed by nature, so a Valentines Day on a Sunday sounds perfect for a drive together into the countryside or a walk hand in hand.

With busy lifestyles and long commutes to work that begin at unsociable hours, sometimes it’s nice to just be with your Valentine, without any added distractions. Take this opportunity to be with nature together and listen to each other. A heartfelt conversation really goes a long way to showing how much you care.

Last minute dinner reservation

Although you may have missed the boat for a lot of places, some will still have reservations available. For example, we are fully booked for today (Saturday) but still have a few tables remaining for Sunday. If you browse around you may still be able to make a booking for a romantic meal out.

If you’re considering going for Italian food and live in the Birmingham area, you can give us a call on 0121 633 3553 – ask for Roberto. Hopefully we still have a table for you by the time you read this.

We hope our last minute Valentines Day ideas have given you some peace of mind.


Happy Valentines Day everyone, here’s to love!

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