Top 5 offensive “Italian” things people do – as told by our Italian staff

Top 5 offensive “Italian” things people do – as told by our Italian staff

Top 5 offensive (and funny) “Italian” things people do

Now we’re not a bunch of elitists and we definitely don’t look down on people having fun in the kitchen… But when our staff were talking about things that really “grind their gears” I just had to write about some of them. Obviously with the melding of different cultures, new recipes with Italian origins have emerged. However, there are some that just don’t sit right with the Italian people (I mean, there’s just no reason to put ketchup on spaghetti…). Here are the top 5 offensive “Italian” things people do, as told by our Italian staff;

1. Bolognese sauce on fries

There’s so much wrong with this picture that I don’t even know where to begin. We have spoken about “Spaghetti Bolognese” in the past on our Facebook page, being that it’s a dish and sauce that are in fact, alien to the region. But Filippo had a hint of sadness in his eyes as he recalled the sauce atop a plate of fries… There are better ways to enjoy fries guys.

2. Pizza with Ketchup or BBQ sauce

Top 5 offensive

An authentic Italian pizza is a simple, yet delicious thing. Why would you ever choose to ruin that by using condiments as the sauce? Pizza is probably one of the most bastardised Italian foods of all time, but judging by the look on Erika’s face as she told me about the Ketchup/BBQ sauce addition, it tops the list of “awful things to do to a pizza”.

3. Parmesan on Seafood

No! As discussed in other blogs and countless times on our social media, cheese and seafood is a huge faux pas for Italians. Seafood has a rich flavour of it’s own that is simply ruined when you add Parmesan all over it. No waiter will deny you the right to do it, but don’t be surprised if the waiters are confused.

4. Ordering a Cappuccino with your food

Top 5 offensive

Somewhere along the line the humble cappuccino got lost in translation. For Italians this is exclusively a morning beverage, reserved for breakfast. If you ordered a cappuccino after about 11 o’clock you’d be a rebel so, needless to say ordering one with your lunch or dinner is a big no no. A post meal espresso, however, is a different story!

5. Garlic Bread at an “Italian” restaurant

Put the garlic bread down! Not only will it give you garlic breath but it’s not even really Italian… It’s no secret that Italians love bread, but freshly baked bread without unnecessary additions like butter. At the most you’ll probably see bread served with a nice quality olive oil and vinegar, it tastes great. Or, if you’re craving something more, go for the bruschetta, it’s healthier and tastes damn delicious.

Some honourable mentions

  • Cheese on a fillet steak
  • Carbonara with chicken
  • Hot chocolate with pasta

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